4 Vets Natural

Urinary Non-Struvite

Urine acidifying substance/kg:

DL-metionina – 2000 mg.

Metabolic energy in 100 g

88 kcal


polyunsaturated fatty acids from the omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil inhibit the formation of inflammatory mediators and improve kidney function, especially in ageing cats.

hippuric acid contained in the fruit shows bacteriostatic activity, additionally the proanthocyanidin, binding with bacteria fimbriae, inactivates adhesins, thus preventing their adhesion to epithelial cells of the urinary tract. Cranberry effectively lowers the pH of urine, which results in smaller multiplication of bacteria in the urinary bladder and urinary tract. Thanks to these properties, it supports the treatment of infections and recurring chronic urinary tract infectuins in cats.

has a beneficial impact on intestinal bacterial flora. Yeast has a high biological value and a high content of B group vitamins, deficiencies of which are responsible for the formation of oxalate-calcium crystals.

the food is free of stodgy and often allergenic grains, the source of carbohydrates has been replaced by easy to digest and healthier carbohydrate from potato starch.

the formula is designed to lower the pH of the cat’s urine. The acidifying effect on urine is possible due to the use of DL-methionine and cranberry in the feed in appropriate amounts, which limits the re-formation of struvite stones. Struvite stones, or phosphate-ammonium-magnesium, are formed in urine which has an alkaline pH.

pet food based on the sources of complete animal protein: turkey and lamb. The limited supply of high-quality protein covers the demand for essential amino acids, but at the same time does not cause their excessive catabolism and formation of products that could interfere with the function of the kidney.

turkey 44% (meat 20%, liver, hearts, gizzards, skins), lamb 8% (meat 5%, lungs), minerals, salmon oil 1%, cranberries 1%, black currant 0.5%, lecithin, dried brewer’s yeast 0.2% (containing prebiotics: mannan-oligosaccharides and β-glucans), dried chamomile 0.02%, milk thistle seed (Silybum marianum) 0.02%.

crude protein – 10%, crude fat – 5%, crude ash – 1.5%, crude fibre – 0.4%, moisture – 80%, sodium – 0.45%, potassium – 0.3%, calcium – 0.19%, phosphorus – 0.17%, chlorides – 0.8%, sulphur – 0.1%, magnesium – 0.01%.

Vitamin D3 – 240 IU, Vitamin C – 1050 mg, Vitamin E – 95 mg, Zinc (zinc oxide; zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate) – 13 mg, Niacin – 6 mg, Vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate) – 3.75 mg, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 1.9 mg, Vitamin B6 – 1.9 mg, Manganese (manganous sulphate, monohydrate) – 0.5 mg, Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) – 0.4 mg, Copper (copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrate) – 0.2 mg, Folic acid – 0.12 mg, Biotin – 0.09 mg, Vitamin B12 – 0.012 mg, Taurine – 800 mg.

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